Lawn Fawn - Stamp Shammy


Do you love stamping but hate the hassle of cleaning your stamp with stamp cleaner? The Lawn Fawn Stamp Shammy will be your new favorite stamping tool! The shammy is simple, reusable, portable, and economical…everything you want in a stamping tool!
Contents: one Stamp Shammy
Size: 5” x 7” (approximately)
With only the Stamp Shammy and some water, you can clean your stamps quickly and easily. Just wipe or tap your stamps on the cloth, and your stamp is ready to go again (or to put safely away where it belongs) in moments. You’ll get a perfectly clean stamp every time with the Stamp Shammy from Lawn Fawn. It’s the closest thing to having a magic wand to clean your stamps with!
Making multiple impressions with the same stamp? The Stamp Shammy allows you to switch between ink colors in only moments and still have crisp, clean stamped images with perfect color. It’s great for testing stamps, experimenting with ink colors, or making different colored impressions. Make an entire rainbow of perfect color from the same stamp in just moments!
Stamping on the go is a breeze with the Stamp Shammy, too. The shammy is so small and so lightweight that it’s perfect for carrying in your crop or planner tote for cleaning up after creating on the go. Just throw the little Stamp Shammy in your bag, and you’ll have no more need to haul that bottle of stamp cleaner, that bulky scrubber pad, and those huge packages of wipes.
The best part is that the Stamp Shammy is as affordable as it is fabulous! No more going through packages of expensive wipes that shred and shed all over your stamps. No need to buy different bottles of expensive stamp cleaner for rubber stamps and clear stamps. For a few dollars, your Stamp Shammy will keep your stamps clean through hours and hours of stamping. The shammy is so affordable that you can buy one for the crop bag, one for the planner pouch, and one for your stamping station, so you’ll always have one on hand when you need it!
There is no special stamp cleaner solution needed with the Stamp Shammy. Simply add water to thoroughly hydrate the cloth, then wipe your stamps clean. Each package includes one cleaning cloth that measures approximately 5" x 7".
Here’s just a sampling of what our customer reviews say about the Lawn Fawn Stamp Shammy:
Love, love, love this tool. It's so nice to not to carry my velcro stamp cleaner and spray to crops. This looks funny when it dries, but is a workhorse when wet. – kootenaykardmaker
No need for harsh chemicals, baby wipes that leave fuzzies or paper towels that tear! The Stamp Shammy is the perfect cleaning tool for all types of stamps and inks. – AZAmy
I've tried all types of stamp cleaners and this product does it so well, I'll never need anymore spray cleaner, or wipes. - Ktmertens
Try this shammy and you will never use another product to clean your stamp or other stamp items again. – stacey mae
Stamp Shammy Compatibility
Wood mounted rubber stamps
Cling mounted rubber stamps
Clear stamps
Acrylic blocks
All ink types!
How to Use the Stamp Shammy
Before using the Stamp Shammy with your rubber stamps or clear stamps, first soak the shammy in water (running it under a faucet is fine) until it is fully hydrated. The Stamp Shammy’s cloth will become soft and pliable when it is fully hydrated. The cloth may change color when hydrated; this is normal.
TIP: Make sure to squeeze the excess water out of the Stamp Shammy cloth before taking it to your work surface to avoid unintended water drips getting on a precious project!
Use the Stamp Shammy to clean stamps by tamping dirty stamps onto it until the stamp’s surface is clean. Or use the shammy to wipe the surface of the stamp, making sure to get into any crevices of the design.
The shammy cloth will get ink marks on it as you use it, but there’s no need to interrupt your stamping - just keep on working with it. The marks won’t transfer to other stamps. If the shammy gets too dry during a long stamping session, simply rehydrate it and keep working!
To clean up when you are done stamping, just rinse the Stamp Shammy well and lay it down to dry. (Some ink stains may remain on the shammy after rinsing, but this will not affect its ability to clean stamps.) Let it dry thoroughly before putting it away.

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